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wstETH - WETH Pool Tutorial

What is wstETH?

wstETH (wrapped staked Ether) is an auto-compounding version of Lido’s stETH (staked Ether token) which was created to facilitate integrations with other DeFi protocols.

Unlike stETH, wstETH does not rebase: as staking rewards accrue to the liquid staking token, its balance stays constant, but the amount of underlying stETH increases. In other words, the amount of ETH that wstETH can be redeemed for should increase.

How can I get wstETH?

If you own ETH or stETH on Ethereum, you can wrap or stake your tokens to obtain wstETH using the Lido wrap UI. Otherwise, you can mint wstETH by staking ETH with Lido, or purchase it from a decentralized exchange.

How can I use wstETH in Cosmos?

There are dozens of projects in Cosmos working on integrating with wstETH, including Astroport and Mars on Neutron, Osmosis and others. Find opportunities on this ecosystem page. On Astroport, you can supply liquidity to the wstETH - WETH pool to earn trading fees and rewards here:

Where do I start?

Jump in below to learn how to: