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Gas on Neutron

Neutron supports both ATOM and NTRN as gas tokens for executing transactions.

The recommended method is to obtain NTRN on Binance and KuCoin and withdraw directly to your Neutron address. If you can't get NTRN, ATOM is widely availiable across centralized and decentralized exchanges. Once you have ATOM in your Cosmos wallet, you can bridge ATOM using the IBC network to Neutron.

This tutorial assumes you were able to obtain ATOM from an exchange (Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, etc.) and were able to send it to your Cosmos wallet. Lets continue below.

Step 1: Head over to

Once we have ATOM in our Cosmos wallet, we can transfer our ATOM from the Cosmos Hub to Neutron using IBC. To do this, we can use the UI. Once you're in the page, select "Connect Wallet" to continue.

Step 2: Connect Cosmos Hub Wallet

From the dropdown menus, select the Cosmos Hub network and a supported wallet.

Once connected, your wallet for Cosmos Hub will appear in the wallet drop down menu.

Step 3: Connect Neutron wallet

Now that we are connected to the Cosmos Hub network, we will want to do the same for our Neutron wallet. Select the add wallet icon and add the Neutron network and a wallet.

Now you should have two connected wallets with TFM.

Step 4: Select Transfer Route

Now we are ready to begin our transfer. Select the transfer route (Cosmos Hub to Neutron).

Step 5: Select Token and Amount

Next, select the token (ATOM) and an amount to send. Select "Transfer" to continue.

Step 6: Confirm and Sign Transaction

Lastly, confirm your transaction.

And sign using your wallet.

You will be prompted once the transaction is complete with a link to the transaction hash where you can get more details.