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Trading $SEI

Engaging in on-chain trading with #SEI requires a brief understanding of Sei's stablecoin ecosystem:

  • USDCet (Ethereum)
  • USDCar (Arbitrum)
  • USDCop (Optimism)
  • USDCpo (Polygon)
  • USDCso (Solana)
  • USDTbs (BNB Smart Chain)
  • axlUSDC (Axelar)

Imagine you've brought over USDCop from Optimism. The power of Astroport's routing system on Sei lies in its ability to automate a two-step conversion: first, converting your bridged stablecoin to USDCet, the network's primary stablecoin, and then pairing it with SEI for your desired trade.

These are the major pairs driving this mechanism:

  • USDCar-USDCet
  • USDCop-USDCet
  • USDCpo-USDCet
  • USDTbs-USDCet
  • USDCso-USDCet
  • SEI-USDCet

Bridging Out with Axelar‚Äč

While the Sei bridge lets you exit by converting back to USDCet or another stable, there might be instances where the bridge hits its rate limit.

For such scenarios, consider swapping to axlUSDC through the axlUSDC-USDCet pool.

With axlUSDC in hand, proceed to the Axelar bridge to exit out of Sei.