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Bridging Tokens

This section is for Sei users who want to bridge liquidity from other chains to the Sei network.

Bridging liquidity from other chains is made simple with Sei. This tutorial utilizes the official Sei bridge,, which facilitates transfers to and from multiple chains, including;

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • BNB Smart Chain
  • Osmosis
  • Optimism

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Sei Bridge Page

Begin by visiting the Sei bridge at

Step 2: Select Your Source Chain

From the dropdown menu, choose the network you'd like to bridge tokens from.

Step 3: Connect to Your Source Chain Wallet

Click on the "Connect wallet" button to continue.

Depending on the network, a prompt will display various wallets available for connection. Select your desired wallet

Step 4: Select Source Token to Bridge

Select the token you wish to bridge. You can refer to the pools pages on for suggestions on which tokens to bridge.

Step 5: Select an Amount to Bridge

Enter the specific number of tokens you intend to bridge over.

Step 6: Connect to Your Destination Chain Wallet

Press the "Connect wallet" button to continue.

From the prompted list, choose the Compass wallet, as it will be the only option available.

Step 7: Inputting the Receiving Address

To expedite the process, click the "Autofill" button. This will automatically populate the destination address field with the correct information. If you're using a different wallet besides Compass, you can simply paste in your receiving address without connecting to the bridge.

Step 8: Initiating the Transfer

Confirm all entered details, and then select "Bridge to Sei" to initiate the bridging process.

Step 9: Approve & Execute Bridging Transactions

This step involves two separate transaction: approving the spending limit for the token and sign and broadcast the transaction to complete the bridging process.

Congrats! You've Successfully Bridged Tokens to Sei Mainnet

Continue the tutorial to learn how to swap.