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Providing Liquidity

Venture into liquidity provision on Astroport, the leading DEX on Sei optimized for both XYK and stableswap pools.

Begin at Press "Connect Wallet" to continue.

A variety of wallet choices will appear for your selection.

Step 2: Pool Selection

Browse through the available pools and select the one you wish to contribute liquidity to. Select "Add Liquidity" to continue.

Step 3: Set Your Slippage Tolerance

Decide on the maximum acceptable price variation for your liquidity provision by tuning the slippage parameters.

Step 4: Select an Amount to Provide

Choose the quantity of liquidity you're willing to provide. Utilize the drag bar for easy adjustments.

Step 5: Initiate Liquidity Provision

Select "Add Liquidity" to progress.

Step 6: Review and Confirm Liquidity Addition

Once content with your transaction details, click on "Confirm Providing Liquidity" to continue.

Step 7: Sign and Confirm Your Transaction

At this step, sign and confirm the transaction, solidifying your deposit to the selected pool.

Step 8: Liquidity Provision Accomplished!

A confirmation notification will pop up on the page, verifying the successful provision of your liquidity.