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Step 1: Go to the Astroport Web App:

The default page for the Astroport Web App is already set to the swap tab. Select the widgets on the top-right side of the swap component for additional options.

Step 2: Set Slippage

The first widget allows us to set our slippage for our trade. Slippage determines how much price can deviate from our expected price before our swap fails.

Expert mode can be selected to swap without confirming transaction details (skips Step 6).

Step 3: Charts

The second widget creates split-view of the swap page where the swap component has now shifted the left and new charts are now on the right.

Step 4: Select Tokens to Swap

A drop-down menu is availiable to quickly search between supported tokens.

Step 5: Select Amount to Swap

The Astroport Web App will simulate the swap and return and expected amount.

Step 6: Confirm Swap

Select "Confirm Swap" to move forward.

Step 7: Sign and Broadcast the Transaction!

You will be prompted to sign the transaction using your connected wallet.

Step 8: Congrats! You've completed a swap!

Once the transaction is confirmed, your swap has been executed.