Astroport makes trading for Astrians an easy, almost galactical, experience. Let's check it out step-by-step. To follow along, you can go to the Swap page.
First, connect your wallet to Astroport. If you don't know how to connect your wallet, you can check out the guide to Set Up Your Terra Wallet.
Choose the tokens you want to trade from the dropdown. Depending on your selection, you will need to make sure you have tokens to trade with. Your token balance is shown on the UI.
Choose the token you want to trade using the selector field on the top and select the token you want to receive in the lower selector.
Next up, type an amount of tokens to swap by clicking inside the top input box. The number of tokens your will receive will be estimated automatically.
Do you want to receive a specific amount of tokens? Type a number of tokens on the bottom input field and Astroport will automatically estimate how many input tokens you need to swap.
Double-check the token amounts and click the Swap Tokens button. In the next step, assuming you did not activate Expert Mode, Astroport will give you a summary of the swap details. You should verify the data before you proceed. We don't want to witness a major galactic accident, right?
When you are ready, click the Confirm Swap button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the swap. While you wait, Astroport has a bit of entertainment ready for you!
AstroSwap done! Congrats! You can now click View Transaction to see your transaction details on a Terra explorer.

To access settings, you can use the gearwheel button in the upper right corner. Settings allow you to change your slippage tolerance settings as well as toggle on Expert Mode. In Expert Mode, you will not see confirmation screens for your swaps anymore.
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