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Creating a Pool

Step 1: Go to the Astroport Web App pools tab:

Select "Create Pool" to move forward.

Step 2: Select a Pool Type

Currently, the Astroport Web App supports creating two types of pools:

  • Constant product pools
  • Stableswap pools

Step 3: Select Tokens

A drop-down menu is availiable to quickly search between supported tokens.

Step 4: Selecting an amp (Stableswap Pools)

If you are creating a stableswap pool, you will also need to specify an amplification parameter. To learn more about amplification for stableswap pools, look here.

Once you've completed all the required fields, select "Create Pool".

Step 5: Confirm Pool Creation

Select "Confirm Pool Creation" to move forward.

Step 6: Sign and Broadcast the Transaction!

You will be prompted to sign the transaction using your connected wallet.

That's it! Once the transaction is confirmed, your new pool has been created.