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Submitting a Proposal

Step 1: Go to the Astroport Web App governance tab:

Select "Submit Proposal".

Step 2: Fill out Proposal Message

A proposal takes in the following parameters:

  • title: Proposal title
  • description: Description for proposal
  • executable_message: Proposal message(s)
  • link: Forum link for proposal
  • deposit: You must temporarily lock 30,000 xASTRO in order to submit a proposal for a formal vote.

Step 3: Executable Messages

In this example (further covered here), we are submitting an executable message to deregister an Astroport pool. To learn more about executble messages, visit Proposal Messages.

Step 4: Confirm Proposal

Once you're ready, select "Submit Proposal".

Step 5: Sign and Broadcast Transaction!

You will be prompted to sign the transaction using your connected wallet.

Step 6: Congrats! Your Proposal is Live!

You're proposal should now be active and ready for voting! Note that the address submitting the proposal cannot vote on the proposal itself.