Putting your ASTRO to work
As a motivated AstroChad, you will be able to join the Astropot staking rpool by staking your ASTRO in exchange for xASTRO. xASTRO is a transferable, yield-bearing & auto-compounding token that captures Astroport's fee revenue. Astroport fees are deposited in the staking pool every time someone stakes or unstakes.
As time passes, each xASTRO token will be worth more ASTRO. You can see the accrued fees for xASTRO stakers by looking at the exchange rate between ASTRO/xASTRO. As a reference, similar token models are SushiSwap's xSUSHI, Prism's xPRISM and Mars' xMARS.

How to Stake

To stake your ASTRO, head over to the staking dashboard.
On the "Staking" page, you will find stats related to xASTRO staking and you'll have the chance to stake your ASTRO. Similarly, you can also burn your xASTRO and claim back your ASTRO.
In order to stake, you should click on "Stake ASTRO":
Select the amount of ASTRO you would like to stake and execute the transaction by clicking on "Stake ASTRO".
And voilà, you just became an ASTRO staker!