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ASTRO’s utility materializes via xASTRO on Terra 2 (and xASTROC on Terra Classic). ASTRO holders may stake their ASTRO in the xASTRO pool to receive xASTRO tokens, activate their governance power, and accrue a share of trading fees. xASTRO is inspired by SushiSwap’s xSUSHI token / xSUSHI pool.

xASTRO Utility

  • Fee-share: xASTRO will be a transferable token that automatically accrues additional ASTRO from the Astral Assembly’s portion of trading fees, pro rata based on the number of xASTRO in existence. While adjustable by ASTRO governance, initially half of the Astral Assembly’s portion of trading fees will accrue to xASTRO holders.
  • Governance: xASTRO holders will be able to vote on and submit proposals to Astroport governance, including incentives allocation voting (more on this in the following section).