There will be a maximum supply of 1.1 billion $ASTRO tokens, to be allocated as illustrated in the chart below.
The token distribution was designed in a way that ensures the wider Terra community will have a majority say in everything that happens with Astroport. After lockdrop, there will be 110M ASTRO in the hands of the community (11% of the total supply) and there is an additional 49% of the supply meant to be distributed to Astroport LPs over 69 years.
10% of the supply is reserved for the Astral Assembly (aka Astroport DAO). The rest is allocated to Astroport Builders who have a 3 year lockup.
NOTE: There will be a grace period of at least 60 days between the Astroport launch and the activation of the Astral Assembly. This grace period will allow for sufficient distribution of the token amongst airdrop recipients and other token holders.
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