The Astro Generator aims to distribute power over Astroport to its users (i.e. liquidity providers). A healthy DeFi community will constantly recalibrate how to best distribute the power and benefits of its “commons”. Through the voting process, the Astroport community’s most committed governors will be able to influence which users ASTRO is distributed to as well as the magnitude of ASTRO distributed to these users.
Through this mechanism, the community — and especially its most active and long-term oriented participants — get to define which participants have their relative governance power within the Astral Assembly increased and which participants have their relative governance power within the Astral Assembly diluted. This also has the added benefit of encouraging other token-holder communities to become xASTRO or vxASTRO holders, knowing that this will give them a voice in Astroport governance, including the ability to vote in favor of weighting ASTRO Generator rewards towards the liquidity pools for their respective communities’ tokens.
The system for governing ASTRO Generator emissions works as follows:
  • Each user has a certain voting power, as defined above under “ASTRO Utility”.
  • Each voting period lasts for 2 weeks. Users can vote for multiple pools with different weights for each pool.
  • At the end of each voting period, votes are tallied and the weights for the upcoming two weeks are assigned to each pool in proportion to the votes cast in favor of such pool during that voting period. Thus, the xASTRO and vxASTRO votes in each two-week voting period decide the ASTRO Generator emission weighting for the upcoming 2 week-period.
  • Once a user votes on a certain weighting for a certain period, that vote will remain ‘active’ from that point onwards. This means a user who wishes to keep voting the same way doesn’t need to repeat the process every 2 weeks (and, conversely, that a user who wishes to vote a different way, or abstain from voting, must proactively change their vote from the current default).