Phase 0 | Airdrop
To get ASTRO tokens into the hands of active Terra supporters and users, they were be distributed to two groups:
  • Terra (LUNA) stakers & bLUNA Depositors on Anchor (12.5M ASTRO)
  • Liquidity providers (LPs) on Terraswap (12.5M ASTRO)
If you were a member of one of the two groups above on Sept. 9, 2021 at 00:01 UTC (Terra block #4,451,515), you were be eligible to claim your share of the 25 million ASTRO tokens for 3 months after the Lockdrop launch.

During phase 2, eligible TeFi participants had the option of β€œpre-claiming” their airdrops to lock ASTRO tokens in the ASTRO-UST liquidity bootstrapping pool and receive additional ASTRO tokens (β€œPhase 2”).
If someone didn't add their tokens to the bootstrapping pool, they became claimable and transferable after Astroport launched. Airdrop recipients were able to claim their tokens for up to three months after the Astroport launch. Any unclaimed tokens were returned to the Astroport Assembly.
Interface of the ASTRO Airdrop
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