The Journey to Astroport started with the Lockdrop event on Terra Classic that was separated into 3 different phases:
  • Phase 0: an AstroDrop to verifiable TeFi ecosystem chads (determined based on on-chain data)
  • Phase 1: an AstroDrop or “lockdrop” to Terraswap LPs who migrated Terraswap LP tokens from Terraswap to Astroport for a user-selected trial period¹; and
  • Phase 2: an AstroDrop to Astrochads who supplied ASTRO and/or UST to the ASTRO/UST pool (aka the “ASTRO-UST Bootstrapping Pool”) on Astroport
Overview of the different Lockdrop Phases
At launch, 110 million ASTROC governance tokens (out of a total of 1 billion) were be floating or “circulating”. They were be distributed to three groups in the following amounts:
  • Phase 0 | AstroDrop: 25M ASTROC
  • Phase 1 | Lockdrop: 75M ASTROC
  • Phase 2 | Bootstrap ASTRO-UST: 10M ASTROC