The Vision
Optimized to be flexible and adaptable, Astroport will attract deep pools with significant trading volumes. That means its launch will have implications for many other upcoming Terra 2.0 projects. It will do that by, among other things:
  • Integrating liquidity mining programs for new Terra tokens including those that adopt dual rewards
  • Generating key data/oracle prices for other projects including credit protocols like Mars
  • Serving as the backbone for index products or baskets of tokens
  • Supplying liquidity to wallets and trading aggregators that access liquidity from multiple DEXes
  • Serving as the underlying liquidity layer for yield farming protocols
Built on the Cosmos SDK, Terra apps like Astroport can get integrated with Wormhole v2 or other interoperability protocols that could expand Astroport’s reach onto other blockchains. There’s even the possibility that users on other chains could access Astroport liquidity without needing a Terra-based wallet or even realizing they’re using Terra.
The growth of projects and apps on Terra is like watching six years of Ethereum development get compressed into the span of a few months. A foundational AMM will spur Terra’s transition from Terra 1.0’s experimental phase to Terra 2.0’s push for mass adoption.
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