Phase 1 | Lockdrop
Lockdrop participants were able to migrate and lock Terraswap LP tokens to Astroport in exchange for a β€œdrop” of ASTRO tokens. The received ASTRO could have been used in Phase 2 or claimed at the launch of the Astroport protocol. The deposited LP tokens formed the base liquidity for Astroport in the initial stages post launch.
Phase 1 ran from Dec. 14, 2021 to Dec. 21, 2021 and Phase 2 ran between Dec.21 2021 to Dec. 28 2021.
Phase 1 Interface

The Migration

LP tokens had to be locked on Astroport for at least two weeks. The longer the lock, the more ASTRO tokens someone received.
The β€œage” of someone's Terraswap LP tokens had no impact on their distribution. In other words, if someone didn’t already have liquidity locked in Terraswap, they could add it at any time during the first 5 days of phase 1 and immediately migrate it to Astroport in order to participate.
There was no advantage to being the first person to lock liquidity into Astroport. The only factors that mattered were someone's percentage (%) of the total number of LP tokens and the length of their lockup.
How to lock LP tokens in Phase 1
During the first five days of Phase 1, [articipants could decide how many LP tokens they wanted to lock. From day 6 on, deposits were closed. However, participants could still withdraw part of their positions. On day 6, participants could withdraw up to 50% of their positions. From day 7 on, this 50% started to decrease to 0%.
Schedule of Phase 1

The Pools

Ten pools were eligible to migrate and earn ASTRO. They split a total of 75 million ASTRO tokens.
Lockdrop Pools
The distribution in Phase 1 can be seen on the illustration below:
Please find below the addresses of the respective LP positions that were eligible for the lockdrop:

How to Lockdrop Step-by-Step

✦ Instruction Downlink Received | Phase 1 ✦ A short overview on how to participate in Phase 1 πŸ‘‡​
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